Student Clinic

Spectrum’s Student Clinic

Spectrum’s Student Clinic runs yearly from November to June during the advanced part of the program. Students have an opportunity to provide massage sessions for the public in a supervised office setting.

As a student you will have the opportunity to complete 100 in house massages. 50 will be completed as student clinic hours and the other 50 will be supervised lab hours to practice modalities learned in class. Clinic and lab time is invaluable to prepare you to be competent and successful licensed massage therapists.  All massages done in house over in clinic.

Students experience every aspect of clinic work including interviewing their clients, assessing, charting, and applying appropriate massage and hydrotherapy techniques. They also refine marketing and business skills by working at the reception desk.

The supervisory staff guides students through each step, to build confidence in communicating with the public, timing and pacing their work, making effective modality choices, and performing all tasks relevant to work in a massage clinic.