Alumni Testimonials

Thank you Spectrum School of Massage!

I have to admit that being a student at Spectrum School of Massage was an experience that I will never forget. Spectrum steered me towards being a successful, capable business owner. I love every day that I am working. You know what they say (If you love what you do for work, then you never work a day in your life). Very true for me in my business. Massage has allowed me to express my huge drive to create, and to help and care for others. Thank you all at Spectrum for sharing your knowledge with me.

Gail Ann Allen, LMT
Arlington Massage Therapy and Wellness, PLLC
The educators are knowledgeable…

“During my first year of college I decided to change my career direction and spent several months learning about the various massage therapy schools in the Pacific Northwest area. I talked with many LMT’s about their education and interviewed at several schools. The reputation Spectrum has among leading LMT’s is very impressive and I’m pleased to find that they weren’t kidding about the quality of education and real life preparation I would receive at Spectrum. The educators are knowledgeable, not only in their subject, but also in how to present the information in ways that enable the various types of learners to fully grasp the needed information.
I have found a special ‘home away from home’ here at Spectrum. My instructors have become a special part of my life. They really care about what is going on in my life and how I am doing outside of the school realm. I feel like I really matter to them and I’m not just a tuition check passing through.
I am excited about my future as a LMT. I have been given an opportunity to help people in a very special way. I am looking forward to using the skills and knowledge I have learned during my time at Spectrum, and sharing the wonderful, healing art of massage with others.”

Rebecca Carson
Class of 2007
Both fulfilling and life changing…

“Spectrum Center’s massage program prepared me for an exciting career in the spa industry. The technical knowledge and passion for healing passed on to me from the amazing instructors developed me into a confident therapist, and readied me for the national exam. I have been able travel to beautiful destinations and work at some of the top resort spas in the country. Also, Spectrum’s education prepared me to consult for and manage the Lilac Tree Spa on Mackinac Island in Michigan. My experience at Spectrum Center was both fulfilling and life changing; it has truly enriched my life!”

Audrey Moran, LMT
Ritz Carlton Spa, Beaver Creek, CO
When I graduated…

“When I graduated from Spectrum Center School of Massage in 1994 I knew I wanted to have a private massage practice doing CranioSacral Therapy, but I had no idea how far my experience at Spectrum would take me. I now not only have a private practice in Bellingham, I also travel extensively, teaching both introductory and advanced CranioSacral Therapy classes for the Upledger Institute. Spectrum provided me with the ideal experience to facilitate this change of direction in my life. As a professional health care educator, I can say that the combination of high quality instruction, small class sizes, and personal attention from the instructors that one gets at Spectrum is exceptional. I would recommend Spectrum without reservation to anyone interested in entering the massage field in the State of Washington.”

Tim Hutton, LMT, PhD, CST-D
Bellingham CranioSacral Therapy Center, Bellingham, WA
I am a 1993 graduate…

“I am a 1993 graduate of Spectrum and have enjoyed a busy private and on-site practice. The majority of my clients are nurses, physicians and other western medicine health care workers. You can’t fake it with these people. Not only do you need to have confidence in your manual therapy skills, you need to have a solid understanding of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology. Spectrum well prepared me for this and I attribute much of my success as a Licensed Massage Practitioner to the quality of education that I received there.”

Sarah Contreras, LMT, MBA
Marysville, WA

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Rose Spencer

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Jane Mills