Instructor Testimonials

A glowing light…

“Spectrum Center School of Massage has been a glowing light in the Lake Stevens community since 1981. Hundreds of people have walked through their doors taking with them the heart-felt energy that Spectrum Center provides. Whether it was the state approved massage certification programs or continuing education classes, the staff and workshop presenters have devoted themselves to bringing the highest quality of training possible.
The experience of being at Spectrum Center has assisted people in realizing their potential in life. I am grateful and honored to be part of this experience and I am looking forward to many more years of service within the community.”

Maruti Seidman
Instructor of Polarity Therapy; Boulder, CO
As a teacher…

“As a teacher who has presented at many massage schools here in the Northwest and around the country, I want to make special reference to Spectrum. I have considered this school a little “gem” since my first experience as guest instructor years ago. Nestled next to Lake Stevens and benefiting from a rural atmosphere, the school has a relaxed and yet very sophisticated format for a small group of massage students. Spectrum Center has very high standards in the choice of staff instructors. I have had contact with many of the graduates of Spectrum in my continuing education classes and have been impressed by their professional maturity and enthusiasm for their work. One of Spectrum’s graduates went on to found her own school in Montana that served a small community for many years. I have recommended Spectrum to potential massage students who were very serious about their education goals knowing they would not be disappointed.”

Jack Blackburn, LMT, Masters in Theological Studies
Trager® practitioner, Seattle, WA